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Published: 06/04/2016

by Todd Underwood


I am pleased and excited to announce the largest development on United Gun Group to date. We have a new partnership and we are going to invest $800,000 over the next 4 quarters starting within the next 60 days as we finalize the details. The money will be spent on development and search engine optimization. The goal of the funds is to completely overhaul the site and expanding on functionality. We will be one of the most visited sites in the firearms industry. What that means to you? More sales!

One of our goals is to make UGG a one-stop shopping destination for the best prices and options when it comes items, guns and gear. Since you currently have a store on UGG this one time offer is going to be extended to you. The first 200 vendors to sign up will be offered this pricing and after that current pricing will go into affect. If you accept this offer, it will lock in your pricing for the life of the account.

The updates you should be interested in are: Fully functional e-commerce solution. Vendors can open a store, upload all their inventory via Magento or manually upload, have a fully functional shopping cart with a payment gateway provided by . Other inventory management systems will be added later. Sell your products 24/7/365 SEO to ensure high visibility and traffic Marketplace designed by firm that specialize in e-commerce solutions with a proven track record of success.

You have the right of first refusal if you currently have a store on UGG. The price you will pay will be $30 dollars per month and locked in for there life of your account. The standard rate will be a tiered rate system starting at $39 going to $199 per month plus a % of all sales.

Please call Todd at 913-713-1483 to discuss details.