Credit Card Processing that supports Pro-2nd Amendment Foundations


Published: 05/28/2015

by Chris Dixon


Many people think that all merchant service companies are the same and that cannot be further from the truth.    While the core process is the same how we operate and what organizations we support are vastly different.   If we look back at 2012 the firearms industry came under attack from the Obama administration in an assault called "Operation Choke Point".    Kelly McMillan was the owner of McMillanUSA which made some of the best rifles and stocks in the industry.   Bank of America which handled all of McMillan’s banking needs decided to end their business relationship because they did not want to have any firearms industry businesses as clients.

Move forward to July 2013 and Kelly McMillan started McMillan Merchant Solutions (MMS) to give the firearms industry a true gun-friendly credit card processing company. Through a partnership with Merchant Services Limited (MSL), Kelly created a one stop shop for firearms-related merchant services that has become a preferred alternative to traditional providers offering limited terms and reduced availability.

Kelly McMillan in January 2015 turned the reins over to Nathan Danus to continue this important work for the industry.    Nathan created Delta Payment Systems to work along side of MMS and deliver affordable merchant services.  

Our greatest difference is we specialize in helping the firearms industry overcome the obstacles set up by Operation Choke Point.   We will also help any business that wants our services.   In most cases we can save you on processing costs and fees.   What really sets us apart is we financially support foundations fighting to defend our 2nd Amendment.

You have a choice to continue using companies that will gladly take your money but then do nothing to make a positive impact on our country.   Or you can reach out to us today and join a company willing to actively support and defend our constitution.

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