"ArachniGRIP® Slide Spider® Review" by Chris Dixon

by Conceal & Carry Network on 07/10/2016 - 06:13 pm

ArachniGRIP® Slide Spider® Review

by Chris Dixon

If you are new to carrying a firearm or an old hand, there is a lot to learn about carrying a firearm beyond just buying a gun.  You don’t just go to your local firearms retailer buy a gun and some ammo and put in a drawer.   Well I guess you could, but that would be a total waste.   There are several things you need to consider like how will I be carrying my pistol (i.e. concealed or open carry).   What kind of safety training I will take? What kind of holsters will I need?   What kind of belt will I use and then what kind of accessories will I need?

When you are looking for affordable options to add to your semi-automatic pistol I have one you must consider.  The ArachniGRIP® Slide Spider® is that product.  

My XDM .45 before adding the ArachniGRIP® Slide Spider®. 

View after installing the ArachniGRIP® Slide Spider®.


My slide has a powerful spring and any help in loading a round is appreciated.   Before you install the ArachniGRIP® Slide Spider® its very important to really do a good job of cleaning the oils off of the back of your slide.   The ArachniGRIP® Slide Spider® uses a strong adhesive to stay attached your slide.  As we all know adhesives and oils do not work well together.

Once you have installed the ArachniGRIP® Slide Spider® you will notice how easy it is to get a firm grip on your slide.    The texture of the ArachniGRIP® Slide Spider® is that of sandpaper.    I found that it did not matter if my hand is sweaty or dry my grips is not diminished.  

The added look to my XDM falls into the category of Bad-Ass.    I personally would have added it just for the look but when you add in the increased functionality, then getting the ArachniGRIP® Slide Spider® is a simple no-brainer.

The ArachniGRIP® Slide Spider® is only $19.99 and they sell them in sets of 2 and to me that is a steal.   I love mine and I highly suggest you get your as well.

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