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How to Stop "Cop Hunting" by Michael Bell

by Conceal & Carry Network on 12/25/2014 - 10:46 am

How to Stop “Cop Hunting”
By Michael Bell
The shooting deaths of two police officers in New York City by an African-American man apparently bent on revenge is a tragedy of the system. As we can see both from the protests against police nationwide in the aftermath of Ferguson, Missouri, and in the vicious phenomenon of “cop hunting’’—revenge-style shootings like the one in Brooklyn last week, and perhaps in Tarpon Springs, Florida, on Sunday—the system is broken, and the reason is a breakdown in trust. This issue is not going away anytime soon. The problems of police accountability—of keeping our streets safe, but in a responsible way so that ...

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"Article 6: Shooting Straight At Competition" by Keith Coyle

by Conceal & Carry Network on 11/23/2014 - 02:56 pm

Contributors introduction- Keith Coyle.
A professional Coach since 1990, Keith has run his own shooting Clubs in the past and has worked with the very best shooting schools in the UK, which includes Holland & Holland, West London Shooting School. He was the Senior Instructor for Mr. Sam Grice at the Long Acres shooting School Cambridge from 1993 t0 2008. In 1996 Keith assisted with the opening of the Jebel Ali Shooting Club establishing range operations and the Shooting Academy. As well as being a recognised Gun Fitter for many of Europe’s finest Gun Makers he is an experienced Shooting Ground and Sporting Clays Course designer ...

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"From Simple to Too Many Choices: Evolution of Gun Lube" by Bill Mooney and Ron Myatt

by Conceal & Carry Network on 10/22/2014 - 08:02 pm

From Simple to Too Many Choices: Evolution of Gun Lube
Some of us love cleaning and working on firearms. Many of us look at it as a chore. Buying the correct cleaner, lube, and supplies can add to the frustration.
Understanding how gun lubrication evolved might help us decide what we should use for our own firearms. The key lesson here is cleaning and lubricating your firearms can be a lot simpler than we are led to believe by manufacturers.
Aahh…the Wonderful Toxic Smell of Cleaners, Lube, and Materials!
The smells of oil, patches, cleaning rods, brushes, newspaper or cleaning pads on the table or work bench can trigger the memories of who taught us basic firearm care and skill ...

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"What is the Conceal and Carry Network website?" by Chris Dixon

by Conceal & Carry Network on 09/28/2014 - 09:16 pm

What is the Conceal and Carry Network website? 

Our website  (  launched on June 12th, 2013 and it started as a firearms Industry Directory with over 64,000 listings. Visitors could do a geographic search in their area to find a FFL Dealer, Manufacturer, Firearms Trainer, Firearms Retailer, Shooting Range, and much more. We allow firearms related businesses to simply list their company for FREE with a Silver level business listing or to pay just $100 a year for the premium featured Platinum Level Business Listing.
Take a minute to watch our Introduction video.
If you own a Firearms related business watch this video.
There is a h ...

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“ISRAEL…Do you stand WITH THEM or AGAINST THEM?” by Chris Dixon

by Conceal & Carry Network on 09/19/2014 - 08:50 am

by Chris Dixon
Our World News is full of stories about Hamas, ISIS, and countless other Muslim Jew-Hating organizations.    We live in a world where Jews and Christians are facing a common enemy and that is radical Muslims.    I am sick and tired of seeing Christians getting beheaded and the so called moderate Muslims are say nothing.
For the sake of clarification how can anyone differentiate between a Radical Muslim that wants to kill us and a Moderate Muslim that loves peace?    It comes down to them supporting or publically rejecting Hamas, ISIS, and the other Radical Muslims.   ...

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"Shoot or No Shooting Scenario where someone has your child...What do you do?" by Chris Dixon

by Conceal & Carry Network on 09/14/2014 - 10:44 pm

Shoot or No Shooting Scenario where someone has your child...What do you do?
by Chris Dixon
If there was ever a topic that would make my blood run cold it is this scenario.    I am not a trained shooter and if someone snatched my child the last thing I want to do is shoot blindly.   We MUST act and do so quickly so what should you do?
Watch this video and see what a trained expert suggests.

"Gun Industry Warming To Women's Interests--Slowly" by Sonoran Desert Institute

by Conceal & Carry Network on 08/21/2014 - 10:36 pm

Gun Industry Warming to Women's Interests -- Slowly
by Sonoran Desert Institute
Last year, we explored the rising trend of women and firearms—and since then, the firearms industry has continued to market to and benefit from larger and larger numbers of female gun owners.  

SHOT Show 2014  held a panel discussion titled “Marketing To Women,” because, according to the event’s website, 35% of the new customers entering the shooting sports are women.  There have been more than one high-profile write-ups on this very topic, notably on, which says that nearly 30% of women in Texas own a gun (and over 20% of women in Florida). &nbs ...

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"When is a good time to get concerned about the direction our country is going?" by Chris Dixon

by Conceal & Carry Network on 08/16/2014 - 10:08 pm

When is a good time to get concerned about the direction our country is going?
by Chris Dixon
How many of you are Conservative, Christian, and Pro-Constitution? Have you started to feel like we are becoming the minority?
I love America and it breaks my heart to see how our country is changing and not for the better. Obama's hope and change has made a target of most of us. I have lost count of the number of Conspiracies this administration has perpetrated. I have never been a conspiracy theorist but the following videos will make you scratch your head and wonder if some of the far right leaning conspiracy buffs might have some theories we should at least consider. I pray that nothing here ...

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Article 5. “SHOOTING STRAIGHT” by Keith Coyle

by Conceal & Carry Network on 07/30/2014 - 08:43 pm

by Keith Coyle
This article is dedicated to my personal friend and Coaching Mentor, Roger Silcox, who I worked for at the Roses Wood  Shooting School from 1991 to 1993 full time, and then as a Locum Coach till 1998 when he retired. I am privileged to have been granted permission to use extracts from the instructional video “Shooting Straight”, which I assisted in the making of in 1991, to illustrate this article. I will forever owe this great man an immeasurable debt of gratitude in making me the Coach that I am today.

Roger Silcox, Life President of the Institute of Clay Shooting Instructors, Senior C.P.S.A. Staff Tutor (Retired).
Shooti ...

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"First Impressions - The SIRT Pro Review" by Bill Mooney

by Conceal & Carry Network on 07/30/2014 - 08:07 pm

First Impressions - The SIRT Pro Review
by Bill Mooney

Could It Be Love at First Sight?

I wanted to give you a quick first-impression product review of the Next Level Training SIRT Pro laser training pistol before I put it through the paces the next couple of weeks and finished a comprehensive review.
I'll be candid, I was a little skeptical when I first heard about the SIRT laser trainer. The concept sounded good, a training pistol the same weight and dimensions as a real pistol, lasers to show you where you shot, and a removable weighted simulation magazine for loading and reloading training. The laser trainers I've seen in the past looked like, well, toys. They seemed to operate ...

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