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"PTSD is a real threat to our Country's Heroes" by Chris Dixon

by Conceal & Carry Network on 01/17/2015 - 09:54 pm

PTSD is a real threat to our Country's Heroes
by Chris Dixon
This video "The Present Taruma" gives a realistic representation of the challenges that plague our Vets and their families.
Watch this video and be sure to share it as our Heroes need our help much more that this countries illegal immigrants.


Untreated, PTSD does not get better in time. It often gets worse.
PTSD can be triggered in a moment by a memory, an image, a sound, or even smell.
Only half of those who seek help receive even “minimally adequate” treatment.
18 veterans commit suicide each day. 126 each week. 6,552 each year.
PTSD can often lead to alcohol and drug abuse, and domestic violence. ...

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"Dr Sean Bush and VenomER" by Chris Dixon

by Conceal & Carry Network on 01/14/2015 - 10:20 am

DR. Sean Bush and VenomER
by Chris Dixon
While this topic is not related to the subject matter of my site there are times when we need to honor those people that make a difference in our world.
As a parent we want our kids to grow up and to do something that positively effects our world.   We tell them to find a career in a field that excites them.  Confucius said, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."  I agree 100%! 
There are however a few people with very unique passions.   Imagine growing up with a love of snakes and other reptiles.   Many people including myself prefer to stay away from sna ...

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"A Visceral Response to GUN CONTROL is not the Answer"by Frank Ricci, Gary Cole, and Justin McCarthy

by Conceal & Carry Network on 01/11/2015 - 05:02 pm


By Frank Ricci, Gary Cole, and Justin McCarthy

The murders of two firefighters in New York and 26 individuals at the Sandy Hook Elementary school have stirred the nation. Perpetrated by two lone gunmen using what have been described as an "assault rifles," these events are incomprehensible. It is hard to reconcile the pure evil of those two days and the overwhelming outpouring of human kindness in support of the victim's families.
In the aftermath of these tragedies we also witness misplaced blame and knee-jerk reactions. We mustn't be quick to act out of passion and place blame on such things as the type ...

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Is Islam the religion of the Anti-Christ? by Chris Dixon

by Conceal & Carry Network on 01/02/2015 - 09:45 am

Is Islam the religion of the Anti-Christ?
By Chris Dixon
How is Islam effecting our World Today?
We live in a world polarized by religions.   Or more precisely, we have Islam on one side and all other religions on the other.   What makes this a topic of interest is that only one religion in our so-called civilized world thinks it is okay to kill people for not converting to their religion.   It is almost daily that we hear of Islamic Terrorists beheading someone for not being Muslim. 

We even hear people like President Obama that praises Islam as the religion of Peace.   Obama has been quoted in his books entitled “Dreams of My Father& ...

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