Is Advertising on CCN an effective ROI? by Chris Dixon

by Conceal & Carry Network on 07/31/2015 - 11:24 pm

Is Advertising on CCN an effective ROI?

By Chris Dixon

As the Conceal and Carry Network enters our 3rd year as an advertiser for the Firearms Industry that is a very fair question.    No company can guarantee a ROI (Return On Investment) by using their advertising firm.  What can be tracked and studied is impressions and activity.    Our site has been blessed with some very loyal customer’s that have been with us from the very beginning back in June 2013.   Thanks to them we have statistics that span back to the beginning of our site.     I also want to pause for just a second to say THANK YOU to these companies for believing in us.

I want to introduce you to what a lot of companies have used and that is our FREE Silver Business Listing.   While something is better than nothing I cannot tell you if these listing have led to new customers.   This is also why I have never charged anyone to set up a Silver Business listing.    Like our parents always told us “You get what you paid for”.    There are a few of the FREE listings that are doing better than others especially if the owner puts them in several categories (which costs $10 for each new category).    

My site was designed and built around the paying customer and our Platinum Business Listing is a wonderful value.    Better yet is that we only charge your business $100 a year to advertise to our site visitors.    Where else on the internet can a firearm related business spend so little to have their business seen by visitors interested in firearms, Conservative News, and more?    Check out an active customers listing that has been with us since we started.     You can see that we are gaining momentum as we have been expanding and growing.   Visitors are not only seeing impressions of these Business Listing but are also taking the time to visit and read about the business.     The most productive listing usually have a selling video attached to the listing.    Check out the stats on this listing and then go to our HOME page and see what some of these listings look like.     All Platinum Listing rotate to our Home page for maximum exposure.


Banner Listing are also a good value on our site and we offer several options priced from $20-$80 a year.  I chose a paid TOP banner listing that has been active since 2013 to give you a view into the effectiveness of banner ads on our site.


We also offer other services…

We can create CUSTOM-MADE product pages to help advertise your products or services on our site.   These pages only cost $100 a year and we do all of the design and set up work.

If you own a business and need a complete website or simply a shopping cart to sell products online we can help you as well as we work directly with Volusion.

Virtually all business accept credit card payments and we also work with McMillan Merchant Solutions and its partner Delta Payment Systems.   Our rates start at just .65% over interchange and $10 a month. We specialize in helping the firearms industry but we work with everyone.   You can get a FREE no obligation side-by-side comparison of your current merchant service provider and see just how much we can save you in fees.

If you are interested in our specialized services or need more info please email me at or


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