"Natural Disasters, Emergency Preparations, and Legacy Food Storage Company" by Chris Dixon

by Conceal & Carry Network on 08/23/2017 - 12:13 pm

Natural Disasters, Emergency Preparations, and Legacy Food Storage Company

by Chris Dixon

If you live in America then there is a 39% chance you live in a county that touches a coastline.   This fact comes from research done by the National Ocean Service.    This means some 123.3 million Americans are at risk for a natural disaster like a Hurricane.

This hits close to home for me as I live in Greater Houston Texas and I am within a mile of a bayou.   We have a history of Hurricanes that tend to hit Texas.   On 07/15/2003 Port O’Connor, Texas was hit by Claudette a category 1 storm.  On 9/24/2005 Sabine Pass, Texas was hit by Rita a Category 2 storm.   On 9/2007 High Island, Texas was hit by Humberto a category 1 storm.   Then in 9/13/2008 Galveston Island was hit by Ike a category 2 storm.

My family and I left Houston along with about 5 million other people for Rita and we escaped inland some 200 miles.    That was a nightmare beyond words.   After experiencing the fiasco associated with evacuating ahead of a hurricane we decided to stay during Ike.     Our home was built to withstand Hurricane force winds but we are not prepared to withstand almost a week without power.    We were powerless for 4 days while other places were without power much longer.    We did have running water and natural gas working so we had minimum essentials for survival.

During a crisis food and water are of paramount importance if you want to survive.    The first thing that happens in a power loss crisis is you lose refrigeration.    We had freezers full of meats and other foods but the max that most freezers can keep foods frozen is usually less than 48 hours and that is if you do not open them to take anything out.    Our first day after the storm consisted of cooking all of the frozen foods.   We quickly started to run out of the basics like milk, bread, eggs, fresh vegetables, etc. as these items are all perishable.

The truth is we had not been prepared for a lengthy crisis like the devastation caused by Ike.   In hindsight, we did not think about a disaster until we were struck by one.    This caused me to start looking at emergency food options.  Shopping for emergency food options is not as easy as it sounds.    There are a bunch of companies that make lots of claims.    When it comes to food the Quantity you get and then the Quality or taste of the food must both take equal value.     Not everyone is a chef that can take staple long shelf life items like rice, dried beans, and flour and whip up a meal that our families will enjoy eating.      My research took me to Legacy Food Storage Company.

What I like about Legacy is the fact they factor in Quality, Quantity, and Price in their products.     These factors matter to me as I want to keep my family safe and fed when the next disaster hits.     I ordered several of the Legacy Premium Food products and tried them out on my family to see if they liked them.    

The following are the results from my personal product trial.    

Our first item to try out was the Classic Chili Mix.   Legacy does not include meat in this mix.  This packet like virtually all of the others offer by Legacy will last up to 25 years in storage.  I am a Texan and we like our meat so I included 1 pound of ground beef to the mix. The taste test was performed by my entire family which includes 4 grand-kids.   Legacy says this package will make 4 servings but I have a picture of the finished dish on the far-right side and that large pot fed 4 kids and 3 adults.   When you add in crackers, chips, or hotdogs you can stretch 1 item to feed a lot of people.    

I was curious why Legacy did not include meat in their packages so I sent them an email and they responded back with several reasons.   The first reason was of course price.   Meat is an expensive ingredient and most of us will never get enough meat to make us happy.    The best reason for not including meat was the shelf life would be considerably shorter for the product.

If you are a true survivalist you might explore Pemmican meat as it is reported that it can last up to 50 years without refrigeration by OffTheGridNews.   Pemmican meat was developed by our Native American Indian friends.   How do you think they could keep meat fresh without refrigerators?   There are many things they could teach the modern survivalists.   If you learn how to make Pemmican you could solve your meat storage issue.    If however, you are like me and would prefer to leave the preparations to the expert then Legacy offers a meat option as well.

The Legacy Pasta Alfredo was made as a side dish.   This could have easily been made as a main dish and stretched to feed more people by simply adding chicken.   One of the advantages of any pasta dish is they can be served with anything.    I was still amazed at the amount of food these packets made.   Look to the far-right and see the finished dish.   To call this 4 serving is a huge under estimation.   If you like spicy then you can dress up this dish.   I prepared this dish by following the directions precisely and it tasted good.   For those of you that like more spicy food you can easily season the dish to match your taste.

This is the Legacy Stroganoff that also stated to make 4 servings.  I do have to appoligize for the ugly pot I used but I must admit this is my Favorite Pot for cooking. For this packet I chose to make Beef Stroganoff by adding 1 pound of ground beef.   This pot fed my huge family and we only had some small sides added for the meal.   Like I stated earlier my taste testers were my grand-kids and they loved it.

It is so important that the quality of the food is acceptible as you do want your family to eat what you cook.    I did not get any complaints and that means a lot to me.

Legacy understands you cannot leave out a healthy breakfast and they offer this Maple Oatmeal with Brown Sugar added option.   Take a minute and read the ingredients as they are all natural and include powdered milk.   This might have been our favorite item as who does not like breakfast or oatmeal. 

In summary, Legacy offer some great products to help prepare your family for the next disaster.   The bonus is that their products are non-GMO, have Low Cholesterol, use Sea Salt, and have no Trans Fats.   I throw that in for the nutritionists reading this article.    

I hope you enjoy our article as much as we enjoyed the products.  You can learn more on Legacy Food Storage on our Products page.

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