NewsMaxTV interviews Kelly McMillan and Bob Harvey on “Operation Chokepoint”

by Conceal & Carry Network on 03/30/2015 - 05:04 pm

NewsMaxTV interviews Kelly McMillan and Bob Harvey on “Operation Chokepoint”

While “Operation Chokepoint” is not a new topic the problem with our government attacking our 2nd Amendment is very real.  Both Kelly and Bob have great insight into this topic and everyone should listen to this interview.   For those of you that might not know it was Kelly McMillan that gave Chris Kyle the sniper rifle he used in Afghanistan.   Bob Harvey is ex-military and a shooting instructor in Florida.   Bob also had a radio show call The BULLSEYE which we have archived for you listening pleasure at THE BULLSEYE SHOW.

Take 12 minutes and watch this interview and we will continue this topic below the video.

What have we learned?   Operation Chokepoint has been going on for several years and is just one of the many ways Obama and the DOJ is working to force GUN CONTROL on our nation.   You have watched this video and you’re thinking “this does not affect me” or “my business has not been hurt yet”.    While this might be true that at this time, are you going to just wait around idly and pray they do not target you or your business?   Friends, hear me clearly!  Do not wait until the banks knock on your door.   Do something today to safeguard your future.

There will be people that watch this video and say “I do not own a firearms related business” or “I don’t carry a gun”  To these people I say history has taught us that when governments target the populace and demand they give up their gun only BAD THINGS come next.   The largest genocides of the last 100 years have always been preceded with massive firearms confiscations and bans.  

Your 2nd Amendment rights are in danger!   We live under a government that does not respect our constitution or your personal rights.   Many people will just cop out and say “I am just one person what can I do?”  Actually, you can do a lot.    If you are banking with a company that is anti-firearms like Bank of America then change banks.   Kelly McMillan gave you a great alternative option and the bank he uses is owned by Zions Bancorporation.   I live in Texas and Amegy Bank is also owned by Zions Bancorporation.   When you change banks like I did be sure to tell them why you changed.

Now I want to take just a second to address business owners.  I do understand that most business owners say “if it not broken don’t fix it”.   Well if you live by this motto SHAME ON YOU!   YES it cost money to change and YES it is an absolute pain in the back side to change service companies but you need to act.     If you accept credit cards would you prefer to pay a merchant service company that just wants your money or should you support ones that are financially contributing to foundations actively fighting to support our 2nd Amendment.   You might even save money in the process.   I work with Merchant Services LTD a Pro-2nd Amendment company

If you work with any service company (i.e. Bank, Merchant Service Company, PayPal, Square, Intuit, etc.) that is fighting against your 2nd Amendment then sadly you are personally financially supporting that cause as well.    Make today the day you draw a line and say “NO MORE” will I support those companies working against my beliefs and constitutional freedoms.

In closing please join me in saying “God Bless America” and “May God safeguard the fighting men and women of our military”. 

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