"What is Operation Choke Point?" By Chris Dixon

by Conceal & Carry Network on 05/21/2014 - 11:52 pm

What is Operation Choke Point?

By Chris Dixon

What happens when you elect a power hungry gun hating super far left president?    You get to see what executive power looks like when the president does not believe the constitution pertains to him.    Our 2nd Amendment rights are under attack and our fearless leader has decided to attack us from the back door.

I must give Obama some credit as I do believe he realizes he cannot take on gun control head-on.    He has been rather effective in hurting our industry by making it super hard to sell firearms and ammunition.   For the last several years we have seen companies like McMillan Rifle and Stock company and several others get dropped by banks that managed their banking and credit card processing because they sold firearms.    The firearms industry is one the US’s most grassroots styles of companies.    Obama is trying to destroy the industry which will in turn help further his agenda to get firearms out of the hands of the American citizens.

So what is “Operation Choke Point”?   Our president by executive order created the “President’s Financial Fraud Task Force” in 2009.     This task force working with the DOJ, FDIC, and CFPB and working outside of congressional approvals decided to go after targets marked by our administration.    They emphasized they were aiming at Payday loans, high risk companies, and others they deemed illegal.   Their targets includes the following…

 Highlighted you will see Ammunition Sales and Firearms sales.     These highly regulated legal businesses are lumped with Pornography, Racist Materials, Escort Services, Ponzi Schemes and the other listed styles of companies and activities.    This sheet is from a report dated 09/17/2013 and is for bank examiner education in a presentation given by the FFIEC.

This story is covered in greater detail on BREITBART NEWS and AMERICAN THINKER this information is all quite compelling and very disconcerting.   

There is good news as some of the business owners that have been dropped by the banks are actually fighting back.   One such business owner is Kelly McMillan that had Bank of American drop his company back in 2012.  This made national news and was just the first of many that we have read about over the last few years.    Kelly decided to take action and he created a new company called McMillan Merchant Solutions that launched in July of 2013.    MMS is unique even among the firearms friendly merchant service companies as it was the only one created by the firearms industry to serve the firearms industry.   As of January 2015 McMillan Merchant Solution's owner Kelly McMillan decided to hand the operations over to his VP Nathan Danus. MMS has changed to Delta Payment Systems and is continuing to service the firearms industry under the leadership of Nathan Danus.   Chris Dixon the owner of this site was a rep for MMS and is continuing through the change and will remain with DPS.    

Here is a 12:25 minute Interview with Kelly McMillan talking specifically about Operation Choke Point.

If you are doing business with Bank of America, BankUnited, BitPay, PayPal/Square, IntuitGE Capital, and countless others then you are helping support companies that are working against the firearms industry.    If the 2nd Amendment is important to you then work with companies that are Pro-2nd Amendment.

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