Rev. Kenn Blanchard is a former US Marine, federal police officer, Intel analyst, Christian pastor and gun rights activist.  He is a blues singer, and produces a weekly pro-gun variety show called the Urban Shooter.  He has been the recipient of the National Rifle Association’s Carter-Knight Freedom award, CCRKBA Gun Defender Award of the month (August 1997) and the St. Gabriel Possenti award.

With two decades of gun rights activism, Kenn Blanchard has been involved in almost every pro-rights event that involved a person of color. If he was not doing it personally, he probably helped in the recruiting or vetting of a plaintiff.  He has lobbied the US Congress. He has testified in the state legislatures of Virginia, Texas, South Carolina, Michigan, Maryland, and Wisconsin. He has done commercials for TV against racist gun laws and been featured in four documentaries.

He has worked with the Law Enforcement Alliance of America, American Sport Shooting Council, the Second Amendment Foundation, the CATO Institute, Gun Owners of America, and others.

My first book was featured in the August 2001 edition of American Rifleman Featured in the Washington Business Journal, Jan 2002.  Blanchard was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal(1999).

After two decades in the space, Blanchard is just now using his clout to create a growing network to capture the attention of his following.

The Urban Shooter podcast is in its sixth year, and gets just short of 30K downloads a month (and growing) and is in the top ten of its category on iTunes.

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