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Bob Harvey of The BULLSEYE Radio Talk Show.   He hits the target on topics, such as 2nd amendment rights, guns and gear, training and tactics, ccw issues related to you, and much more.  He host special guests relating to the firearms industry. 

Bob is also the owner and chief instructor at South Florida's Premier Gun School. We are committed to excellence in the education of firearms training.   

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02/23/2014 - This was Bob's Last live show for a while.

02/09/2014 - Bob debunks the liberal viewpoint that guns stored in a home with children is somehow unsafe. 

01/26/2014 - Bob talks about his father passing away this past week.  He also has his oldest daughter Amanda on the show.

01/19/2014 Bob talks with Alexandria Lainez of Florida Carry and they discuss the aspects of the court case where she is fighting to allow firearms on a college campus.  See more here TexasSurplusPro Interview

01/12/2014 - Bob talks with attorney Eric Friday.   Bob also ask for prayers for his dad that is in the hospital

01/05/2014 Bob talks about how Anti-Gun politics have effected companies and you.

12/29/2013 - Bob talks about 2nd Amendment issues and how they effect you.

12/22/2013 Bob shares that his dad is in the hospital and talks about 2nd Amendment issues that concern all of us.

12/15/2013 - Bob talks about how a good guy with a gun can defeat a bad guy with a gun and talks about gun statistics.

12/8/2013 Bob talks about the topic of gun control

12/1/2013 - Bob Talks with Walter PhilBrick author of "SURVIVING - A citizens guide to surviving street crimes and terrorist attacks," link here to book 

11/24/2013 Bob talks about the Knock-Out Game and stand your ground topics.

11/17/2013 - Bob talks about how some police department are taking on tactics that are against our best interest.

 11/3/2013 Bob talks about current events and they relate to your 2nd Amendment Rights.

 10/27/2013 Bob talks about the Gun Treaty and Gun Control issues

10/20/2013 Bob covers topics like how the gun bans in the UK are not reducing crime, discuss how the UN Gun Treaty should not pass as it needs 2/3s of the senate to pass and it directly violates the 2nd Amendment, an much more.

10/13/2013 Bob talks of how the Government Shutdown is effecting us.   Bob also shares with his listeners the losses of my family as my niece was murdered this past weekend in Dallas. Use this link to learn more

 10/06/2013 Bob Talks about the Government Shutdown

09/29/2013 Bob covers current events talks about Fort Meade, Minnesota gun right issues, and more.

 09/22/13 Bob talks about current events including the navy yard shooting and stand your ground laws.

09/15/13 Bob takes calls and discuss topics like "The Police are not responsible for your personal safety" and more 

09/08/2013 Bob covers current events and visits with a caller

09/01/2013 Bob interviews Eric Friday a Florida attroney and they discuss a Florida Open-Carry case. 

08/25/2013 Bob interviews George Zimmerman's attorney Mark O'Mara  

08/18/2013 Bob covers current events and debunks Chris Matthews attempt to look pro-gun. 

08/11/2013 Bob's topics cover 2nd Amendment issues, Fast & Furious, Shotguns as home defense and more.


08/04/2013 is a re-broadcast of the 07/07/2013 show with guest Kelly McMillan whic you can listen to below. 


07/28/2013 Bob Harvey talks with Daryl Jamison of GO Gun Owner.

Daryl is a Member of CCN

Daryl's Product page  

07/21/2013 Bob Harvey talks with Keith Morgan of the West Virginia Citizens Defense League they referenced this video interview 

07/14/2013 Bob Harvey talks with Sean Caranna of

07/07/2013 Bob Harvey talks with Kelly McMillan of McMillan Merchant Solutions, LLC

web analytics06/30/2013 Bob Harvey talks with Chris Dixon of the Conceal & Carry Network 

06/23/2013 Bob Harvey talks with John Peden of GunFreeZone App