Events Listing Best Practices

Events Listing Best Practices

(Lasted Updated 6/2/2013)

The purpose of this tutorial is to help you decided how to best use this feature to grow your business.   Please review this information in its entirety before signing-up.    We will explore the most affordable and effective options for your business.

What are the uses of this Event Listing?

This is one of the most powerful tools that our site has to offer your business if you are a firearms instructor, firearms event coordinator, gun show host, or gun club owner.   If you are a firearms instructor you can use this feature to list your classes.   Others can use this feature to list upcoming events.  

The Event/Class/Show Listing is a flow through page which means we point visitors to your site.   Your listing will immediately go public and visitors will be able to easily find your event and be pointed to your site to sign-up.   Choose the plan that best serves your purpose.  

What features are included in the Silver, Gold, and Platinum Event/Class Listing?


How do I purchase this feature?

You will be able to purchase this listing during sign-up or at any time from your members page.   The system requires you to give the event a temporary name which you can change later.   The system also requires you to select a date and time for the event.  No other information is needed to complete the transaction.

How do I utilize this feature?

Option #1 – For smaller businesses on a fixed budget.     Purchase one Event Listing and you can re-edit the listing after each completed event/class.   This options works well if you have a very consistent schedule and just one event location as you can advertise the same message (ie.  We have CCW classes every Friday.  Contact us by Wednesday to attend the class on Friday). 

Option #2 – For medium and larger businesses with frequent and various styles of classes/events.   Purchase multiple events and be able to focus your advertising more specifically to our website visitors.     This option is very useful if you have multiple instructors, event/class styles, or multiple event/class locations.  (ie.  We offer CCW class on Monday, advanced handgun training on Wednesday, and combat defense classes on Friday)

CAUTION:  DO NOT DELETE your Event/Class listing EDIT IT.   If you accidently delete an event you will not be able to reactivate it.

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