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We are Conservatives in the undying tradition of America’s Founding Fathers, deeply concerned about the sorry state of our country and the ruinous path our government, political, and cultural elites have taken. That is why we have formed this fellowship, this blog.

Despite our very different backgrounds, we share a deep love for God and country. We work on this blog for no pay because Fellowship of the Minds (FOTM) chooses to have no ads and therefore no income. We do this as a public service and a labor of love.

We closely follow political, cultural, and economic news and commentaries on a daily basis. We will sift through the daily news and post the important ones you need to know, together with our unapologetic nonPC editorial comments. We will also alert you to political action: Calling your representatives in Washington, D.C.; rallies, marches, and demonstrations.

We believe that bloggers can and are making a difference. The current TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party movement is unlike America’s past populist movements in at least one important attribute: The new technology of the Internet has made us extremely well-informed about politics and what politicians are doing. No longer must we depend on the intermediaries of professional media or the supposed “expert” opinions of professional pundits. In fact, in this video a former CIA officer calls bloggers the Paul Reveres of the 21st century who will save America:

A downside to keeping up with political news and developments in our time is that sometimes we do feel overwhelmed and discouraged. That is why we intersperse political posts with more light-hearted fare of videos, jokes, animal and science news, and occasionally just plain weird woowoo out-there but fascinating stuff. We also have several non-political Pages, including:

  • Health Tips for physical, psychological, financial, and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Angels & Saints
  • St. Michael’s Prayer page where you’ll find a powerful prayer to the great Archangel, as well as archived posts on the spiritually uplifting as well as on evil.
  • Creation, containing links to all the posts we’ve done on our gardens, flora, pets and animal stories.

You are a visitor to our blog, so you should be courteous and civil. A sure way to offend is to insult your host, which is a form of verbal abuse. Comments containing insults (such as “moron,” “crazy,” “stupid”), blasphemies, obscenities, and threats to do us bodily harm will either be deleted or I will hunt you down and out you. 

This is a privately-owned non-commercial blog on which no one has the “right” to have their comments published. If you cry that your “freedom of speech” is being violated because we choose to not publish your comment, you are simply exposing your abysmal ignorance because the First Amendment’s promise of freedom of speech is to protect citizens from having their rights abridged or suppressed by the government.

Before you leave this page, we suggest that you take the American Civics Literacy Quiz. After you’ve taken the quiz, compare your score to our elected officials by going to “How Elected Officials Scored on American Civics Literacy.”

So, welcome to our blog! We hope all like-minded conservatives will join our Fellowship. Together, we’ll fight the good fight to take back our beloved America.

~Dr. Eowyn
Owner & Founder, FOTM

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