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Conceal and Carry Network has been actively growing our social media presence for several years now.   I'm very active on Twitter, FaceBook, Pinterest, Google+, Linked-In, and Stubbleupon.   There are several of these sites that are live-linked so that all posts from one site are automatically broadcast to the other social media sites.    This allows for a very broad range of social media connectivity.    My largest and most actively used site is Twitter.   I actively post 50-200 daily Tweets depending on what topics have been hot recently.  I'm expanding this program but there is a daily limit of 250 tweets that caps our total daily productivity.  This program allows you to have your company, product, or service included in these daily blasts.    Your company will receive at least 20 posts per month across our social media sites for the low cost of $25 a month. Considering we currently have over 44,000 Twitter followers my posts get very good exposure and frequest re-tweets.  This is a manually processed blast process as Twitter explicitly prohibits SPAM or automated programs from being used on their site.  My approach simply suggests our followers check out your site or we brag on your product or service.   This referral style of approach is non-offensive, not spammy, and leads to better true site hits.     If you are on Twitter I will include your @name in each of the posts.

There are obviously limited spots for this program and we operate on a first come first helped basis.    There will be no way to report results as this is fully designed as a manual program and each of the social media sites will be randomly used.    The price charged is just $25 monthly.   I want everyone to be able to afford this program.    Rates will increase as our social media presence expands but people already enrolled in this program will not have any price increases provided they stay enrolled in the program.  This is a month to month program and if you would like automated recurring billing that can be arranged.  To renew each month just return to this page and repurchase the program using the BUY NOW button below.    

I can contacted at if you have any questions.

So how will this process work?

First Choose your Plan

CLICK HERE to pay $25 for your 1 month Campaign…

CLICK HERE to pay  $145 for your 6 month Campaign...BONUS - 6mo FREE site Classified.

CLICK HERE to pay $280 for your 12 Month Campaign...BONUS - 12mo FREE site Classified.

Second send an email to with instructions on what company, product, or service you want us to focus on.   We do the rest.   Please include your Twitter @name, FaceBook URL as we will help drive people your way.    All posts will be designed to be referral style in nature as we do not want to appear as SPAMMERS.


ON A SIDE NOTE:   Our site is designed to help you advertise for a very affordable rate. I can also help you set up e-commerce solutions (websites, shopping carts, merchant services). For help in these areas contact me at

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