This Ain't Hell

We are all military combat veterans and we write primarily from that perspective. Everyone who writes here has a Combat Infantry Badge, a Combat Medic Badge, a Combat Action Badge or a Combat Action Ribbon. We write about issues that matter to combat veterans. We’re known for our work in the Stolen Valor arena, but sometimes we talk about politics, most of us are supporters of Second Amendment rights and we talk about that.

Jonn Lilyea, a retired infantry platoon sergeant is the founder, owner and primary author here.

Hondo served in the Army (regular or reserve) under every POTUS from Carter to Obama. He’s a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. He’s now a grey-area Reserve retiree.

TSO began his blogging at The Sniper, and currently manages The Burn Pit for The American Legion.

There are various other authors who post less frequently.

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