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Thanks for visiting our new forum I hope you decide to join us.

You will quickly find we're unlike most other forums. Members of other forums can get banned for talking about their business, but NOT HERE. We're a genuine networking forum that believes our members should have more freedoms than other forums. You will also see section called ASK THE EXPERT where we have resident experts you can ask questions and get the advise of an experienced professional.

These differences set us apart from virtually all other forums. We also offer a broader range of topics than most sites.

Be sure to visit our BEST INFO, Podcaster, and News pages. Our site has over 64,000 searchable listings for anything firearms related.

Do you own a firearms related business? Be sure to take advantage of our affordable advertising. For just $100 a year you can get a Platinum Level Business listing to advertise your business. Check out all of our advertising options on the ADVERTISE or JOIN pages.

It is the responsibility of all site users to review our LEGAL DISCLAIMER (bottom/footer) and to abide my these rules to use this public forum. Your voluntary use of this public forum means you agree to these terms, rules and legal guidelines.

I hope you enjoy your visit! Be sure to invite your friends!
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Welcome to our Forum

Welcome to our Forum Module

Join our forum and stay a while. Be sure to visit our Podcaster, BEST INFO, BLOGs, and NEWS pages.

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Check out our BEST INFO page. It's the Best firearms library around.

Check out our BEST INFO page. It's the Best firearms library around. Module

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  • Advertise on our Forum

    Thanks for your interest in advertising with the Conceal & Carry Network Forum.

    This website is actually 2 separate operating systems and they operate independently. To list your business, create a classified ad, create a event/class listing, or banner ad on the main site please click on the ADVERTISE tab shown above. That system is fully automated and it will walk you though the process to set up the listing and will process your payment as well.

    The forum is not automated and requires the ADMIN to set up the banner ads manually. You will be required to furnish all artwork or animated gif that will be used. The top banner ads are 468x60 and the side banners are 300x60. Most gifs can be adjusted manually by the ADMIN to fit.

    The top banner ads are $300 yearly and they will rotate through most of the forum for maximum exposure. They will change randomly. If you want a permanently locked banner ad like the McMillan Merchant Solutions banner the cost is $1000 yearly. The reason for this cost is we have a limit of 4 spaces and if 3 companies lock this in the option for top banner ads is closed until one opens up. (These prices are not fixed but are paid in advance which will lock in your total price for the full year)

    The side banner ads are $150 yearly and are fixed in their position for the full year. There are 3 options to choose from. The main forum page is option #1, then the group pages is option #2, lastly is the actual post page which is option #3. You can get any 2 options for $250 yearly and all 3 for $300 yearly. These are fixed Ads that do not rotate like the banner ads will.

    Lastly, we do offer Sponsored Listings for any company that spends at least $200 yearly on this site. The Sponsor Section will be assigned to you and that area is yours to do as you please. We can create several sub-sections if you wish to post BLOGs, Product Reviews, etc. We just require to to provide an ABOUT page to tell the visitors about your company and how to contact you. We do suggest that one of your sections be a Q&A sections so that you can interact with visitors. The ADMIN will upgrade your personal forum profile to the level of Moderator and have the forum notify you when you have a new post or reply to your section.

    To pay for advertising on the forum CLICK HERE TO ADVERTISE then email your banner ad to