A Few Tips on Home Defense

by Bob Harvey

Have you checked your House Security Lately?   There are several things we should get in a habit of doing to ensure our homes are safe as possible.

*Exterior Grounds
-If you have a tight hedge or fence, have you evaluated it as a defense against intruders?
-Is your fence or wall in good repair?
-Are the gates solid and in good repair?
-Are the gates properly locked during the day and night?
-Do you check regularly that the gates are locked, especially after repair and maintenance men leave?
-Have you removed poles, ladders, boxes that may help an intruder scale your wall, hedge or fence?
-Have you removed shrubbery from your gate, garage or near doors that could hide an assailant?
-Do you have lighting or illumination on all sides of your house, garage and patio?
-Have you considered putting your lights on a timer?
-Do you have lights on during hours of darkness?
-Do you check to see that all of your lights are functioning?
-Do you have dogs that would sound an alarm if they spot an intruder?
-Have you considered installing a video camera’s with recording ability as a deterrent?

-Are your exterior doors made of metal or solid wood?
-Are your door frames built of solid construction?
-Do you have an interview grill or optical viewer in your main entrance door?
-Are your perimeter doors properly secured with heavy duty dead bolt locks?
-Are all your locks in good working order?
-Can your locks be bypassed by breaking a window pane or panel of lightwood?
-Do you permanently secure all unused doors and windows?
-Are your windows protected by steel bars, ornamental or some other types of shutters?
-Do you check all of your windows and doors at night?
-Are your windows secured by pins through the frame when closed?
-Are you as careful about locking second floor doors and windows as your first floor?
-Do you secure your sliding glass doors with a “Charlie Bar” or security bar?
-Are your skylights, roof latches or roof doors properly secured?
-Does your house have a security alarm?
-Is it monitored by an outside company or just a amplified sound?
-Have your briefed the whole family on proper security procedures?
-Have you verified references or done background checks on workers that you have at your house? i.e. Lawn personnel, pool service, painters?
-Do you restrict the number of house keys for your house? Where are they?
Are they all accounted for?

This Info is from the Marine Corps Manual Anti-terrorist Guide for Special Operators living overseas and the South Florida Gun Schools Family Defense Plan Course.


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