5 Potentially Fatal Errors to Avoid When Choosing a Gun Safe

by Tom Ginevra

Choosing a new gun safe is something that should now be easier than ever before.

The huge variety of excellent safes on the market right now means that you will almost certainly find what you need at a price you are happy with.

Yet, there are still some potentially fatal errors that you need to avoid when picking your ideal new safe. So, what are the most worrying mistakes that people commonly make in this regard?

You Can’t Open It in a Hurry

There are several reasons for having a firearm at home but dealing with an emergency is one of the most powerful for the majority of gun owners. If you hear an intruder in your house in the dead of night then you want to be able to access your guns quickly and easily.

Let’s imagine it is 3 in the morning, it is pitch black and you are fumbling with an awkward keypad or trying to get an untrustworthy fingerprint scanner to recognize you. Or maybe you can’t get the key to turn properly.

If you are going to be buying a safe to keep your firearms in then it needs to be easy to open in a hurry and when your pulse is racing. Once you own it you should open it now and then to make sure that it doesn’t jam or have any other problems that you need to know about.

It Is Easy to Break In to

Kind of the opposite situation to the previous point is when the safe is far too easy for anyone to open. Maybe the lock can be picked with just a paperclip or perhaps a thump with a hammer and it will spring open.

There are a couple of ways in which this could turn out to be a fatal mistake. First of all, anyone who breaks into your home now has nice and easy access to a gun.

Secondly, what if a child gets into your safe and gets hold of a firearm in this way? It doesn’t bear thinking about, does it?

It Doesn’t Have Room for All Your Guns

Finding the perfect size of safe is essential too. In this way, you can make sure that all of your guns are safely stored away.

If it isn’t big enough to house your entire firearms collection then it isn’t worth getting. After all, if you leave even just one gun out in the open then that defeats the purpose of the safe and leaves your gun lying around for anyone to grab and use.

The advertised gun capacity isn’t always accurate, though. This is especially true if you need to store rifles with scopes on them.

Measuring the space that you need is a better idea than relying upon the stated number of guns that a safe holds. You can also take a look at some gun safe reviews to find out what other gun owners who have bought it say about how many firearms they could fit in.

It Is Hard to Organize the Interior

You will find that good gun safes come with shelves, partitions and barrel rest mounts in them. Typically, you will install them yourself and you might have some flexibility in terms of how you lay it all out.

This is a hugely important step, as it means that you organize the interior to suit your needs. Why does this even matter, though?

Well, let’s imagine again that situation in which you hear an intruder in the night. In a stressful situation like this you need to be able to get out the right gun smoothly and easily in the dark.

If you fumble about in there and can’t get the appropriate firearm out easily then it could be a disaster.

It Is Too Big for Your Bedroom

Finally, there is the question of where you are going to put your gun safe. There are pros and cons to putting one of these safes in different parts of the home.

However, you definitely need one in your bedroom. What good is a quality safe going to do if it is in the garage when you hear someone prowling about in the night?

If you need a big safe for a number of firearms then you should also consider getting a smaller bedside safe as well. In this way, you will always have a gun close to hand but safely locked away while you are sleeping.

By avoiding these fatal errors, you will feel completely protected at home and will appreciate the fact that your guns are stored out of harm’s way too.


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