Bump Fire Stocks and the Vegas shooting

by Chris Dixon

The first thing I want to say is we should all still be praying for the victims and the families of the victims in Vegas.   This is a tragedy and everyone should condemn the actions of this psychotic killer.

Until this event I had never heard of a Bump-Fire Stock.    The more I researched it I found out why.     I found this video on YouTube and they did a great job showing you what one is.

In closing, I hope to point out something.    The NRA is not the enemy of peace in America.   More regulations and gun bans will not stop mass killings.    This might have been avoided if this hotel had mandated a concierge delivers all bags to the guest’s room as a courtesy service.   Why?   This crazed man had to haul up 100’s of pounds of guns and ammo.   If a concierge picked up a bag that weighted 100’s of pounds versus the normal 50ish pounds per bag that most airlines use as weight limit a red flag would have gone up.

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