Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh case report by Rachel Mitchell

I chose to share this article on my blog after I personally watched the hours upon hours of testimony this past Thursday and Friday. I also want to address why this case is important to everyone reading it. ntegrity Matters! Honesty Matters! Our Reputation Matters! This case shows that even the most honorable among us can be attacked by unsubstantiated and uncorroborated false claims. Our society and our laws were built on the concept we are nnocent until Proven Guilty. What we have seen recently is that our country is totally divided between the logic of the Conservatives (republicans) and the feelings of the Liberals (Democrats). Our personal freedoms and liberties are at risk.

Please take some time to read this memo from Rachel Mitchell as she dissects Christine Ford's allegations.  Ms Mitchell states the logical and legal considerations of this case.

I then ask you to consider the other factors that I will share after her memo.

Many times we see money as a motive for peoples actions...consider this!   

(CLICK ON picture to see actual account on GoFundMe)

After you read this memo and saw that Christine Ford is now quite wealthy due to her claims against Bret Kavanaugh do you still believe her?   If, you still believe her watch this video as see what a Body Language expert says about her testimony and her reactions.

What does a body language expert think about Christine Ford's testimony?

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