Cops get shot in Ferguson and a suspect is arrested.

by Chris Dixon

Well it seems that Ferguson feels it has to be in the national news.   Sadly, 2 officers were shot recently at a demonstration.   It also appears that the shooter Jeffrey Williams was arrested for this shooting.  

Where are the activists shouting out about this vile act of violence?  Where is the BLACK LIVES MATTER people protesting that ALL LIVES MATTER?    Where is the president saying that he will get to the bottom of this obviously racist shooting?   Why has the DOJ not jumped in front of the camera and said they will keep an eye on this situation?  

These are all valid questions and they should be asked if all things were equal as the last shooting....RIGHT?   I forgot to mention that Jeffrey Williams happens to be black.

Do we live in a country that looks first at your skin color before they take a stand against violence?   I pray not!    Watch this video and hear what the police are saying in Ferguson regarding Williams arrest.

To see the footage of the actual shooting watch this video filmed by someone at the protest. (Caution - Profanity on Video).

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