DR. Sean Bush and VenomER

by Chris Dixon

While this topic is not related to the subject matter of my site there are times when we need to honor those people that make a difference in our world.

As a parent we want our kids to grow up and to do something that positively effects our world.   We tell them to find a career in a field that excites them.  Confucius said, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."  I agree 100%! 

There are however a few people with very unique passions.   Imagine growing up with a love of snakes and other reptiles.   Many people including myself prefer to stay away from snakes, spiders, or any other venomous creature.   But that is not Sean Bush.

Sean has become the leading international expert in snake bites.  You can just search the internet for SEAN BUSH and find his work.  Sean has dedicated himself and his lifes work to this field.    There have been countless lives save due to his efforts and skills.

So what is my interest in Sean?  I am proud to say he is a part of my family.   He is the grand-son of one of my favorite aunts(Clara).   Much of our family history was preserved by his grandmother (Clara).  I was blessed to have been able to copy most of her data, pictures, and stories to preserve our family's legacy.  

While many families check their elderly parents into nursing homes that was not good enough for Sean. Clara's last years were spent with her loving grand-son Sean.   When she passed it was in the presence of family that loved and adored her.

I have watched Sean grow into a man and I am proud of him beyond words. This article is my salute to him for the lives he has saved and for being the man I am happy to claim as a Cousin.

The show VenomER is a reality TV series that shows Sean in action.  I hope you will take some time and watch the episode I have included with this article and share this link with your friends.   If they are ever bitten by a snake what they learn from Sean might just save their lives.

VenomER Series


Episode #2

Episode #3

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