Freedom Isn’t Free

By Chris Dixon

While this concept is neither new or original it is still an active issue that we must face daily while living in a country run by a super liberal president.    We’ve heard this old clichés before but do people actually realize there is a daily attack on our 2nd Amendment rights and liberties by this administration.   Wake up America your Freedoms are slipping away!

The older I get the more patriotic I feel.   My love of this country and my love of liberty are completely inner-twined.   When I see an active duty solder I am compelled to shake their hand and thank them for their services.    These folks are the front line protecting my freedom and yours.   They bleed and die so that we can work where we want to work, attend church where we want to attend, or to believe nothing at all if that is your preference.

Our nation is running at full speed in a direction that tries to eliminate God, morals, and liberties in every aspect of our lives.   While I do believe in God, Christian morals, and common liberties I also believe that everyone else has the right to believe in anything they want or nothing at all.    We should fight just as hard to defend an atheist’s right not to believe in a higher power as we do to defend a Christian’s right to believe in God.

We cannot pass a day that we do not hear liberals angrily talking about gun control and how we need tighter gun laws.   When will people understand that this is not and has never been about guns in the hands of everyday citizens?   The issue is criminals with guns.   The fact is a criminal will always be able to get a gun just like they can always find illegal drugs.

Criminals are cowards with a gun and they will be happy to take your freedom, your possessions, and your life if they can.    If liberals get their way they will be making us all sheep in fear of the big bad wolves of our society.   This Travon Martin case just adds fuel to that fire.  The fact that he was a violent kids with a criminal pass has been overlooked by our media and liberals in general.    The facts do not matter if they can use the negative energy and anger behind this case to drive their agenda.  Do not be fooled the liberals want America to be gun-free.

There is a solution and it does work.   Arm yourself America!    This country needs less sheep and it needs more sheep dogs.   The sheep dog’s role was to protect the sheep.  Armed citizens will be able to defend themselves and others around them.   Almost every massacre we can remember would have been mitigated if someone at the scene had a firearms and had killed the bad guys.

Remembering that freedom is not free might just change the way you view things.  Edmund Burke said it best 'The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”   Will you read this blog and do nothing?  I hope you will arm-up and stand up for your freedoms and liberty.    Your safety might just depend on what you do next.

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