Goldstar Holsters Under the Steering Column Holster review
by Chris Dixon

When you are searching for your next holster there are a lot of things to take into account. Will this holster fit my life style? Will it function well in a crisis situation? Will it hold up to daily or frequent use? Your search will lead you to custom made IWB (Inside the waist band) or OWB (Outside the waist band) options that are built from products like leather and Kydex.

There is a situation that many people new to carrying a firearm do not address.  What do you do when you decide to drive somewhere?   Do you simple continue to use your current holster and strap in using the state required seat belt? This might work for some but there is a better solution.  The Gold Star Holster company has a holster that is designed to mount under the steering column of your vehicle.     

I found the easy access of my firearm was maintained if I utilized this specialized holster while I was driving my vehicle. When I arrive at my destination I simple retrieve by firearms and re-holster it to the holster I have on my waist band.  When you make the choice to carry a firearm there is an increased level of responsibility that you take upon yourself. Let me cover a few precautions. Do not leave your firearm in this holster while you have un-attended child in your vehicle.  Do not store your firearm in this holster when you leave and lock up your vehicle. This holsters ease of use also brings with it an ease of access by people that you prefer not to handle or take your firearm.    

The windows on my vehicle are tinted but it is possible for people outside of my vehicle to see my pistol when I use this holster.  I live in Texas and we have legal open carry in our state. Even with that said any time I choose to carry and my firearm is exposed I become more alert of my surroundings. This holster’s entire purpose is to make my pistol accessible when I am driving and that should be its only use.     
Pictures of how the Holster fit into my truck. 


Here is an instillation Video provided by Gold Star Holsters.

In Summary:    This is a holster that everyone needs to have and utilize when they are driving.   When you look at the price and quality of this holster it can easily find its way into the must have category.

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