Has America lost its mind?

by Chris Dixon

America was once called “Land of the FREE and home of the BRAVE”.   We were a country filled with opportunity and a mixing pot of culture and creativity.    You never had to worry about locking your car or home as neighbors kept an eye on things.     Children were told to go outside and play but expected back home by supper time.    The school principals, coaches, teachers, and neighbors had permission to beat your butt if you were bad.   Then they called your parents who would also beat your butt once you got home.    While many of us might not have liked the police we did respect them.    Everyone knew they had to get a job if we wanted a car or spending money.   No one expected our government to provide for us and we were humbled and thankful if someone helped us through a hard time.   It was also very common to see someone driving around with a shotgun or rifle in a rack in the back window of a pickup truck.

What I have just covered is totally alien to anyone under the age of 45-50.    The 60’s and early 70’s were also the time of the FREE LOVE hippies.   I was very young but I still recall seeing an occasional bus or VW van that was painted with flowers and peace signs.    The term “flower child” was given to most of these open spirited youths.    The Vietnam War was raging and the nightly news showed scenes of fighting and mass protests by the war haters.    This era marked a turning point for America.

We are now living in a world that has been swing to the far LEFT by rampant Liberalism.   The children of the 60’s have now shaped our country into their vision of a Utopia.  The viewpoint of the masses is that the government owes us.   IJReview reports “Welfare is now America’s most popular occupation”   You hear people say they want more from our government each and every day.   We have open boarders where illegal aliens can get financial support and medical services paid for by everyone else.    The US has had presidents like Jimmy Carter that always sided with terrorists and against Israel.  After Jimmy Carter I was certain we could never elect a president that was any worse.

Then in 2008 a president is elected not based on his skill-set or experience but on skin color.  America had finally elected a president so far to the left that Jimmy Carter almost started looking conservative.    I am proud to be in a country where any person regardless of their skin color or sex can one day become the president.   However, this country needs to have leadership that is ethical, experienced and prepared to lead.

America is now led by a president that believes the constitution does not apply to him.   Obama (without congressional approval) just released a handful of terrorists back into the world that want nothing more than to destroy us.  Bergdahl who was released had even declared Jihad against the US before his release. This same president hatched and executed a secret plan to implement further gun control with “Operation Choke Point”.   This comes on the heels of the economy stifling program “The Affordable Health care act (OBAMACARE)” that was forced down our throats.   The illegal and deadly “Fast and Furious” fiasco of the president and his accomplice Eric Holder.    With blood on both of their hand is gets even worse with the “Benghazi Murders”.   It seems like every time you turn around a left wing nut is trying to take away our 2nd Amendment rights.   Obama even instructed the IRS to target conservative groups to harass.    I am certain I have left out several other disasters of our current administration but these were doozies.

States like California were recently the scene of a crazed killer and just a few weeks ago the national news spotlighted how a killer “with a gun” was shooting everyone in sight.  One of the victim’s fathers makes a passionate plea and says “Not one More!” and blames the NRA and conservatives for the death of his son.     This was indeed a tragedy but the media failed to mention that 3 people were stabbed to death and one was run over.   The majority were not killed with a gun.   Furthermore this all happened in California where some of the strictest gun control laws in the country exist.    Liberals are screaming for even tighter controls when the truth is if one of the victims had been legally armed they might have been able to stop this blood thirsty freak.    This made national news when it looked like the media could blame gun for this tragedy and then disappeared just as fast when the facts did not match their agenda.

Then in Chicago just a few days ago they had a mass shooting in a laundry mat where 6-7 people were shot by a crazed shooter.    Did you hear anything about this story?    I bet not, as the media does not want you to hear that gun control does not stop criminal bent on killing us.    Chicago is also super strict on gun control.      Media bias is again just releasing the news that meets their left wing viewpoints.

We have an epidemic rate of sexual assaults against our college women.   It is a national statistic that 1 in 5 of all ladies that attend college will get sexually assaulted while they attend college.   As if that is not bad enough states like Colorado that is very tight on gun control has a group fighting to ban guns on campus.   This is the same old argument where the LEFT blames the gun for the violence and the RIGHT blames the criminals.

Wake up America!   It is high time that conservatives speak up and start trying to make a difference.   The America that once was is dead!  Things can still get worse unless we all work toegether to help dial back the madness.

If you want to stay informed and keep abreast of CURRENT EVENTS, NEWS, PODCASTS, LIVE RADIO SHOWS, and more the Conceal & Carry Network is working daily to bring you the information that is harder to find.    We are committed and fighting the good fight to restore conservative values to this once fine country.

God Bless America and I pray that God blesses you in this struggle!

Chris Dixon

Follow-Up Side Story-  Judge Jeanine Pirro again calls for Obama's impeachment



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