Have you ever thought of just how important you are?
by Chris Dixon

Everyone has the power to make a difference when you vote with your wallet.    How you make and spend your money speaks volume to what you personally care about.     If you love a specific restaurant you visit it frequently and you tell some of your friends about how good the food is there.   On the flip-side if you visit a restaurant and the food or service is bad you tell everyone at work and you share it on Facebook that this is a place to avoid.   Business owners for a long time have known that happy customers tell one friend about their experience while unhappy customers tell ten friends or more.
So how does this relate to merchant services?  If you are banking with Bank of America or using the gateway Authorize.net, PayPal, or Square you are supporting companies that are actively working against your 2nd Amendment rights.     Take a minute to google search and look for “Bank of America drops McMillan Rifle”, or “Authorize.net drops company that sells firearms”.   PayPal and Square refuse to allow people to sell firearms which are a legal product in the US.
If you have read this far and you are already thinking….My business does not sell firearms…We are just a small company…PayPal is cheap to use…I have used Bank of America for years…Authorize.net has not dropped me yet.    These are just excuses many of us use to avoid change or added expenses.   You can only make a difference when you take a stand and tell these companies they cannot have one more cent of your money.    If these companies get their way and we lose our 2ndAmendment rights do you really believe that the other rights are safe?    There are several Blogs of related topics at Blog Page
McMillan Merchant Solutions even offers a Micro Merchant Account for very small businesses.  We are a firearms friendly merchant service company that charges just $10 a month plus 3.75% transaction fee.  You just need to have an all-in-one credit card terminal and we do sell them at cost.   If you need a gateway to accept payments online they charge an average of $80 to set up and an additional $15 a month plus 10 cents a transaction.   These prices drop fast if your business is over $5000 a month in credit card charges.  We ask that you send us 3 months of statements as our industry is full of companies that hide fees everywhere in their statements.   To find out more visit this page McMillan Merchant Solutions or email me at chris.dixon@mmsllc.com
If you want to stay informed of important news, podcasters, radio shows, product reviews, and much more firearms related information visit our BEST INFO Page.  To utilize the best FFL Dealer search engine use this link FFL Dealer page the top right blue box is your Geo-Search engine of over 60,000 listings.
I hope you choose to make a difference.  Together we can make this country better and safer.   God bless you and yours and may God bless our wonderful United States of America the place we all call home. 
Chris D. Dixon

Image courtesy of David Castillo  / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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