Have you ever noticed that Islamic Nations do not contribute anything to the world in the way of manufactured goods?     They do not create or product anything but the oil they pump out of the ground.    Arabic Nations have only figured out how to export oil and terrorists as they have to import everything else.     Watch this Imam explain how the average Muslim in these Islamic Nations average only 27 minutes of work a day.     He proceeds to tell them that Allah expects them to be professional in everything they do…including KILLING!    This is that religion of peace Obama keeps telling us about that helped make America the nation it is today.    Obama is delusional and America is in danger as these Islamic Nations see America as the Big Satan.     

Listen very closely to this video and be sure to share it as we need to get the truth out.

Why the Arabs are being humiliated in the world - Kuwaiti Imam

Why are the Arab countries not progressing like European countries? Kuwaiti Imam

Posted by Takmeel-e-Pakistan on Friday, November 14, 2014

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