Hog hunting with 223/5.56 specialty ammo from Allegiance Ammo

by Chris Dixon

When it comes to Hog Hunting having the right equipment is very important.    A hog is usually not alone and their teeth can rip a person apart rather easily.     If you find yourself in the woods and come across a group of wild pigs and you have a traditional hunting rifle I suggest you do not shoot.    You will probably kill the first hog but what comes next might not be pretty when they come after you.

A lot of hunters are using various forms of semi-automatic rifles when hunting hogs.   Debates can be seen on several forums talking about best rifle and ammo combination to take down these feral hogs.      Many people consider the AR15 platform to be a rather light firearm when used for hog hunting.     The 223/5.56 round does not have the knock-down energy that a .308 would when used out of an AR10 platform.      It is however much more affordable to own and shoot the AR15 based on rifle and ammo costs collectively.  Let's take a look at a hunter that chose to use his AR15 and used ammo from Allegiance Ammunition.

The following letter came from a customer of Allegiance Ammo and was addressed to Jeff Mullins the owner:

This is to all the nonbelievers. The theory on a 223 or 5.56 not being big enough to effectively kill hogs is beginning to change. I was once a person that believed it, I was shopping around for a higher powered rifle when I first talked to Mr. Jeff Mullins. He started feeding me all this stuff saying this will drop hogs in its tracks   Etc. etc. etc. Honestly, I’ve heard that so many times from different brands of 223 rounds that I’ve tried and had no luck, but there was something about Mr. Mullins that just made me want to give it a try. Him being a very knowledgeable owner of the company instead of a random sales rep that's most likely never fired a round their selling in their life really caught my attention. So, I said we'll give it a try. So, we made a deal on some low velocity 70g power strike. I bought roughly 100 rounds, he was telling me these are lower velocity so won't be as good as the higher power strike. I was thinking yep good excuse. So, first trip out a 150lb sow was standing about 80 yards away, I shot her square in the shoulder and she stumbled 10 yards and fell over. I was shocked at this point thinking it was just an accident. I cut her open and the damage was incredible. So, I moved on wanting to find a bigger hog (thicker shield) so I found a lone 220lb boar, 60 yards dropped. It dropped and we were shocked. We did this hog after hog that night. So, I called Mr. Mullins next day and told him these are the real deal and he laughed.  He said wait till I try the 80g power strike high velocity. So, I did and he was right results are insane. Even on big hogs running shots it's stops them. Had a 275lb boat running strait away put one in the rear end and broke him down. Spun a little then he took a round to the skull. I've hunted with all calibers i have honestly seen hogs less damaged by a 6.8, 6.5 Grendel even a 308 at times. Iv use these bullets little over 6 months and have killed around 150 hogs with them. I ran out one night and had to switch to Remington hog hammers, horrible the power strikes have spoiled me. Just a reminder I hunt a ton of farm fields and have thermals and suppressors so maybe that will help you understand how I get my numbers. These bullets are incredible. If your familiar with Hornady vMax used to be my go to round just couldn't penetrate enough and hogs would run off. I would put these power strike in that category but times 10. They have similar characteristics but these do what a vMax does to a 25lb coyote to a 250lb boar. They might be a tad more expensive than the other brands out there but do the math like I did, some of other brands take 3+ rounds to do the same job these bullets can do with one. Pretty easy decision on which is cheaper. This company is very easy to work with and I truly recommend them to anybody that wants to help prove that you can efficiently kill hogs with a 223.  Also, anybody thinking to upgrade to a bigger rifle please try these first you will be truly amazed and will save you lots of money from having to upgrade rifles.    Sincerely, Phillip L.

In business, it is always nice to get feedback from our end users.    We want to extend our thanks to Phillip L. for sharing his experience with the Allegiance Ammo.

Watch this video to see the energy released as the 223/5.56 round used by Phillip L. hits ballistic gel.

If you have questions regarding specialty ammo from Allegiance Ammo please reach out to Jeff Mullins.   

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