“How to monetize your Website or sell your products online.”

By Chris Dixon

If you have recently started a website one of the first things you do is to look for ways to make money with the site.   Blog, Podcast, and informational sites which do not sell a product usually chose to post Banner Ads on their site.    The easiest way to find Ads that match your visitors is to look at an Affiliate Marketing site.    There are several options out there but my suggestion is…

I have been using them for several years and they make it very easy to utilize their services and will notify you if other good matching companies sign up with them.

If you are a merchant, retailer, or manufacturer and you have been trying to get customers in front of your products then we have a solution for you as well.    Imagine just paying for commission when a sale is complete as opposed to paying for advertising that might not net a single sale.    Advertising is a major expense with all business and much of it cannot be avoided if you want to grow your business in today’s competitive market.   This is where Affiliate Marketing can expand your exposure with limited expenses.   Imagine having countless other companies working as your online sales force and they only get paid if they sell something for you.   This becomes a WIN/WIN for everyone.

Affiliate Marketing makes great sense whether you are the affiliate or the merchant.    There is not a better way to effectively expand your business online.     Take a minute to check out AvantLink at…

If you need to a credit cards service then check out Delta Payment Systems.   Rates start at .65% plus inter-change.

If you need a Shopping Cart or a full service website then check out Volusion.

For a quicker response on Delta Payment Systems or Volusion just email

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