“Ladies & Firearms”

by Chris Dixon

Most story’s we hear today talk about men and their guns.   I'm going to let you in on a secret, there are a huge number of ladies that like firearms as well.   I was at the Shot Show a few weeks back and the firearms industry has definitely started offering products that the ladies will love.    You can find pink pistols and rifles of every make, model, and size.   The firearms industry is drawing in a huge number of lady self-purchasers who enjoy shooting guns as much as the men do.    Interestingly, many of these ladies might surprise you with their experience and skill levels.  Did I forget to mention that many of these women are attractive as well!

I would like to bring to your attention Jacqueline (Jackie) Carrizosa. 

Jackie is a military veteran, model, fitness trainer, personal firearms trainer and is the founder and instructor at Firearms for Life, LLC.   She was recruited by director Peter Berg to personally train Rihanna in the movie Battleship.   I enjoyed the movie Battleship and as you might know Rihanna had a strong supporting role on that show.    Rihanna was playing a movie character that closely resembled the real life role of Jackie as a naval gunners-mate.  You can get more information on this story at “I taught Rihanna how to shoot” on MailOnline.   You can also connect with her on Linked-In at Jacqueline Carrizosa.

There are also 2 ladies that I would like to mention that compete in shooting sports and are world class champions.   Randi Rogers and Julie Golob are both professional shooters and national champions.  

Randi Rogers Julie Golob

Take a minute to review all of the accomplishments they have achieved so far.  Here is a link to their BIO page.   You would think with their involvement in shooting sports life would be too busy to do anything else.   That is not the case with Randi and Julie as they also have a podcast called “Gun Girl Radio”.   Their show has been live for an entire year and Jan 2014 marked their 35th show.    Be sure to check out their show.  You will be glad you did!

I wanted to share these stories of outstanding ladies in our industry.    The firearms industry is not just a bunch of grey haired older men…although that does actually describe me.     We are a huge group of men and women from all races and ages that enjoy exercising our 2nd Amendment rights.  

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Have a Blessed Day!

Chris Dixon                                                                                                                   Owner, Conceal & Carry Network

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