Conservation Frontlines – A Source of Authentic Information on Hunting and Conservation From Around the Globe

By Gerhard R Damm, Joint Editor-in-Chief

Conservation Frontlines is an editorially independent newsroom with a quarterly E-Magazine and monthly news updates. Our authors present independence of thought and opinion on the subtle morals and ethics of hunting and provide persuasive insight into the motivations of hunters. They investigate the aspects of ‘utilitarian’ and ‘recreational’ hunting; they explore the compelling process of the hunt; they discuss the complexities surrounding incentive-driven conservation. Importantly, they don’t shy away from showcasing problematic issues. Their articles are underpinned with hard ecological, social, and economic facts and scientific data!

Conservation Frontlines is also a voice of the rural custodians of wild places and wildlife. Emotional and fascinating stories of those, who live to hunt as much as they hunt to live, explore the aspirations, traditional knowledge, and respect for the landscapes they live in and the wild animals they live with.

Most wildlife conservation problems arise where the opportunity to recover is denied, either because entire habitats are being irrevocably transformed or because excessive wildlife harvesting cannot be controlled. Or simply because hunting and non-hunting conservationists are fighting each other with both sides faltering, when they should be acting in unison.

In the Conservation Frontlines Newsroom, non-hunters can discover the wide-ranging facets of hunting and its conservation linkage. They may remain less than totally comfortable about hunting, nevertheless, we aim to catalyze positive exchanges between non-hunting and hunting conservationists. Hunters and non-hunters alike need ‘greater independence of thought’ to form broad-based conservation coalitions to perpetuate wild landscapes and wildlife. In our content creation we will not be side-tracked by the noisy extremists on both ends of the spectrum.

Conservation Frontlines Foundation will go all-out to ‘branding’ sustainable hunting – by discussing and formulating coherent sets of values, processes and promises – and equip hunters with knowledge and arguments to campaign as reliable and authentic advocates and communicators of the conservation hunting message.

Our newsroom and library provide thematic access to thousands of peer-reviewed papers, media articles and op-eds. We hope that you will use this information to build and manage the public image of hunting in your own networks.

Make it a point to highlight the intimate connection of hunting with the conservation of wild spaces and wildlife and engage in civil dialogue with those who are not yet convinced of the conservation value of sustainable hunting.

Together, we have the power to change perceptions. Let’s cooperate building powerful new coalitions. After all, what could be more inspiring than the conservation of biodiversity on the incredibly vast tracts of land outside protected areas?

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