"One FREE Tip"

by Chris Dixon

I want to give you ONE TIP that can help draw FREE attention to you and your business.... Quick Answer BLOGGING. Now I must be honest ... just because you write a blog it does not mean you'll suddenly get mega traffic to your site or have customers rushing to get your products but it is the first step. Next you need someone that has experience getting the word out for you.

I want you to do a simple task for a new tab .... go to google and do a search for.... "Why Bother?" by Lynn Sherwood

You will get several links to places discussing this blog. I do want to take the time to compliment Lynn Sherwood as she wrote a great article from her heart and it resonated with both ladies and men. Check out the secret that helped here get more recognition.  She had someone helping her get the article noticed on several gun forums and other sites.  In this case the other person was me, but it could have easily been anyone else helping spread the word around. 

Here is the core truth.....people that just post their own info will only have a limited audience because they are in a social box that is hard to break out of. This is why networking is super important and you need to find ways to cross market your product and ideas with other people. Be open to doing something for FREE to help someone as it might just pay you real money later. People are more open to help those that helped them first. 

Final step... Today find 2 articles related to your industry that you enjoyed reading   then share them every place you can think of like facebook, linked-in, pinterest, forums, and other sites.  Compliment them on their article and let them know you shared it.    They might just do the same for you next time.

I truly believe good deeds come full circle. 

Have a Blessed Day!

Chris Dixon

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