"PayPal & Square are Anti-Fireams"

by Chris Dixon

For those of us that love our 2nd Amendment rights we are finding many banks and financial establishments are actively working against us.    If you own a business it is possible you are inadvertently working against your own best interests by supporting companies that are opposed to you owning or purchasing a firearm.   In 2012 Bank of America dropped services for McMillan Rifle Company because they manufactured and sold firearms.  Just 2 months ago Authorize.Net one of the nation’s largest payment gateways dropped Hyatt Gun Shop because they sold firearms.   It is time we vote with our all-powerful dollars and stop supporting these companies and others like them.

There are a large number of companies that still use PayPal and Square to process credit card payments.

PayPal’s anti-firearms policy - Which shows they do not allow Firearm Sales 

Square’s anti-firearm policy -  Which also shows they do not allow Firearm Sales

If you own a firearms related business and you are using one of these companies it is just a matter of time before they close your account.   We have new clients telling us their stories of how their services have been dropped and many times with the charges getting refunded back to the purchasers.   Do you really want to support a company that does not support you? 

If you own a business that is not firearms related but want to support your 2nd Amendment rights then join us.  We can customize our service and products to work with your business as well.

We donate a portion of everything we take in to organizations like the NRA, SAF, CCRKBA, and several others.    You get to choose which organization we support and we pay from our funds.

Do not be caught off guard.  We are the ONLY credit card processing service developed by the firearms industry…for the firearms industry.

Check us out today at McMillan Merchant Solutions

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