Platinum versus Silver Listings

By Chris Dixon

I frequently have people ask me what kind of traffic our site has when they are trying to determine if they are going to join the Conceal & Carry Network .    While I do understand that people only want to invest in proven endeavors our site is something very unique and different.   Google Analytics has been able to help me some but with over 65,000 pages of listing even this program falls short.  Our main site’s platform was built from eDirectory and our forum is built with vBulletin and neither of them fully integrate any form of site visit counts for the entire site.   Each one does a great job on specific reporting based on individual listings and forum posts.   I have even noticed that the forum does not maintain an accurate peak visit posting at the bottom of the forum and I hope that they are patching that in future releases.

Here are the facts I can give you.  This site cost an estimated $23k to build and there is nothing like it on the internet.   Why do I tell you the cost?   That is actually a simple answer….I want everyone to know that I personally have a rather large investment into this company and ALL of my efforts are to ensure it succeeds.    The site costs around $300 a month to maintain and it is paying for itself.    We range from 200 to 2000 unique visitors a day (that I can track).   These are based on main page views and not individual listing views.   The site records individual visits to each listing in its own statistics record.   Site members can log in and view these stats at any time.    

I decided to write this article as we have a large number of Platinum members that are seeing great results from their listings and these listings are also boosted by Google and Bing as each one of these listings has SEO management built-in.   It is rather hard to tell anyone what kind of results they will get from their listing but here are 2 real listing activity examples of live accounts printed in the first week of Sept 2016.   (For the privacy of the member I have truncated their business name)



My site also offers a FREE Silver level listing.   I get several emails from people letting me know they have joined us as a FREE member to see how things work out before they consider an upgrade.   Sadly, they will never know how well our site might be able to help them attract new customers as these listings have limited results.  The FREE listing is very much like getting your companies name added to the phone book. Unless they come searching for you the listing might not be seen.

When I hear people tell me they will try us out for FREE I just see an opportunity lost to help a company grow.   While the FREE listing is better than nothing to them it is neither a good way to get results nor a way for our site to grow and draw in even more visitors.

The Conceal & Carry Network was built on the concept of “ROPE MARKETING”.    If you want maximum results for your listing it does in fact require you to utilize it in your everyday business.   Each listing has a place for client reviews and ratings.    Your listing can also be shared across most social media platforms by visitors.   We have one member that is maximizing their exposure.  They have over 800 back-links to direct their site visitors back to their listing on CCN.   This benefits both websites and our software even bumps your listing in our built-in search engine if your listing is back-linked.

The cost for a Platinum Business listing is just $100 a year.   The Platinum Class/Event and Classifieds are just $50 a year.    We offer Custom-made product and service pages that just cost $100 a year.    In early 2016 we started a new Social Medial Referral Marketing Program that I hope you will check out.   This program just charges you $25 a month for us to include your product/service in our daily social media posts. Our site is the most affordable option out there for the firearms industry.   Nowhere on the internet can you get any results that match our ROI.

If you own a firearms related business take a minute to sign up for our Platinum level listings you will be glad you did.

On a Side Note:   I work with Volusion for eCommerce and Shopping cart solutions. I also work as an Account Executive for Merchant Services LTD and we offer very fairly priced credit card processing service.  MSL is both PRO- 2nd Amendment and firearms friendly.  Please contact me for more information.

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