PTSD is a real threat to our Country's Heroes

by Chris Dixon

This video "The Present Taruma" gives a realistic representation of the challenges that plague our Vets and their families.

Watch this video and be sure to share it as our Heroes need our help much more that this countries illegal immigrants.


  • Untreated, PTSD does not get better in time. It often gets worse.
  • PTSD can be triggered in a moment by a memory, an image, a sound, or even smell.
  • Only half of those who seek help receive even “minimally adequate” treatment.
  • 18 veterans commit suicide each day. 126 each week. 6,552 each year.
  • PTSD can often lead to alcohol and drug abuse, and domestic violence.
  • Soldiers with PTSD are more likely to be divorced, be a single parent or become homeless.
  • 200,000 veterans go homeless each night. 45% suffer from PTSD or mental illness.
  • Many women suffer from PTSD, but fewer receive help because they weren’t in “direct combat”.
  • Female service members also experience PTSD from sexual trauma while in service.
  • Many soldiers with PTSD don’t seek help because they fear it may hurt their careers.

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The Conceal & Carry Network recognizes the need for this country to support our Heroes. Be sure to share this article to help raise awareness of PTSD.

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