Review of the IWB series from Goldstar Holsters

by Chris Dixon

How many of you get frustrated trying to find the perfect holster for daily carry?   I hear you!   I own several holsters and I like to match the holster to the situation I find myself in.     My most common way to carry is IWB concealed.    Living in Texas we can legally carry unconcealed but I would prefer not to tip off the bad guy that I am armed.

Comfort is a key element for me as the holster will be touching my skin directly.   If it is plastic or 100% Kydex a IWB (Inside the Waistband) holster can easily scratch the wearer.   If you choose to carry for a long period of time the plastic or 100% Kydex holsters will make you sweat as they rub uncomfortably where it touches you.    This is the primary reason I prefer leather holsters.

There is also a drawback from 100% leather holsters as they are harder to draw from.   My first holster was a IWB style 100% leather.    I had to treat the inside where my pistol was held so I could draw it smoothly.     I like to carry full size pistols and my daily carry is a XDM 4.5” 40cal.   Many people that carry prefer a single stack option and a smaller caliber for easy concealment.   I like the power of a .40cal round and the full capacity of 16+1 that the XDM offers.  I even have a switch-out barrel for the .357Sig round that I will cover in a future article.     Here is a PIC of my pistol.


If you carry a full-sized firearm as your daily carry it is very likely you prefer not to be Printing (having your pistols silhouette show through your clothing).     The Goldstar Holster has a unique angle of carry (Cant).   Your pistol is tilted roughly 15 degrees forward which allows for easy quick draws.   This specific angle is called the “FBI Cant” which utilizes a 10-20 degrees of tilt to the firearm.     This is considered to be the optimum way to carry.

Here is a view of my IWB Leather and Kydex Goldstar Holster carrying my XDM .40


We were talking earlier about the pros and cons of the materials your holster is constructed with and my favorite are combination holsters.   Goldstar Holster uses 100% genuine leather for the inner base and Kydex for the custom molded pistol holder.    This set up gives you max comfort with leather against the wearer and Kydex for ease of operation.

Goldstar Holsters has also made this IWB Holster with 5 adjustment holes to the side clips.    This allows the user to adjust the cant (angle of pistol) to match your personal carry preference.

In my opinion, the Goldstar Holster is a great product.   When I am looking to purchase a new product, I like to research and find out who I am spending my hard-earned money with.     I prefer American products built by patriotic Americans.    The owner of Goldstar Holsters is Trevor Pickett and he is a veteran who served for 24 years in the US Navy/Navy Reserves.   We owe Trevor a sincere THANK YOU for his service and to ALL our veterans both serving now and retired.   

Be sure to visit Goldstar Holsters and see what other products they offer.

God Bless America and our Armed Services that keep us FREE and SAFE!

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