Review of the Urban Carry Holster

By Chris Dixon

In the world of personal carry holsters the Urban Carry Holster utilizes a totally different design.   I wanted to share with you my review of this unique holster and how it stacks up to the competition.

I have been carrying for a while and unlike the majority of people out there I like to carry full-size guns.   My current favorite pistol is the XDM .45 with a 4.5” barrel.     The .45ACP offers a high level of stopping power and in a self-defense situation I have 13+1 opportunities to defend myself without the need to reload.     The disadvantage to this weapon is related to the overall size and weight of a fully loaded XDM .45 which is the reason many people opt to carry a single stack pistol.

The Urban Carry website ( was easy to navigate and they provide a drop down chart to help you choose the proper sized holster that matches the gun you carry.   There are 5 sizes available and you can get the holster in Black or Brown.    One of the things I liked was they are using only premium saddle grade leather.

Most holsters today are either made from leather or Kydex or a combination of both.    The Urban Holster’s functionality relies on the flexibility that leather offers.      You will find a slight draw-back to full leather designs and this is the roughness of the inside of these holsters.    This can be easily rectified and you have several options you can explore to off-site this feature.     Urban Carry even suggests a break-in period for your holster and they offer Bickmore’s Bick 4 as their suggestion to condition and softening your holster.     I personally chose Mink Oil to treat the exposed rough leather inside the holster.     There will be one negative result of this option and you WILL get some wax transfer to your pistol.     Do not use mink oil on the outside of the brown holster or you will get a dramatic color change.     This is a personal preference that has worked well on my other black holsters and has greatly improved my easy of drawing a pistol from the holsters I use.     Research your options before you treat any leather holster as the effects of your treatment are not reversible. 

The first thing I consider when choosing a holster and gun combination is first the ease of access to my firearm and then comfort factor.      If I am armed and I choose to put comfort before accessibility I might not be able to access my gun in a fast and smooth manor.    This could put my life in heightened danger.    I have been carrying using an inside the waist-band style of holster.    What I find is that this style of holster requires me to carry my pistol above my waist and up against my rib cage.   It also makes a noticeable bulge on my right side and I have to wear larger baggy shirts to conceal my firearm.

When wearing the Urban Carry Holster with my XDM 45 I did find it more on the comfortable side than my traditional IWB holster.   It will sit lower inside your pants and not be a as noticeable as other holsters.   

Let’s look at the Positive attributes of the Urban Carry Holster:

1.   It falls into the category of a universal style of holster and this allows you to utilize more styles and sizes of pistols when using this holster.

2. You wear this holster inside your waist band and your firearms is carried inside your pants which allows for good concealment and a high of comfort when you carrying.  

 3.  Quality workmanship is important to me and the saddle grade leather ensures years of use from this holster.

4.  The Revolutionary design allows for a smooth action access to your firearm when you simply pull up on the magnet flap.

All Holsters have a unique niche they are aiming at and that does leave some situations that might not work well with each style of holster.      The Urban Carry Holster does have a few limitations based on its design.

1.   Like most inside the waist band holsters they are all hard to access your weapon when you are driving.  To off-set I do recommend you utilize a vehicle holster when driving.

2.  IWB holsters like the Urban Carry also require you to wear looser fitting pants and belts.    This is a style of holster that will require you to test your access to your weapon before you go out.    There will be a balance between tightness of clothing fit and ability to pull out your weapon.     This is where practice makes perfect.

3.   Best used with single stack pistols.   I was informed by the Urban Carry team that my XDM .45 was usable with their product but their holsters worked best with thinner and smaller pistols. 

In summary, I really like this holster and will be using it frequently and would highly recommend it as a product you add to your firearm accessory wardrobe.

This video by Urban Carry Holster gives you a great visual of how it works.


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