Rope Style Marketing as a Business Plan

By Chris Dixon

There are countless forms of marketing techniques and many share different names.   To my knowledge the term “Rope Style Marketing” is not a recognized name as I just made it up.  Being a Texan from birth this sounded like a fitting name for the topic of this article.  Merriam-Webster defines ROPE as “a large stout cord of strands of fibers or wire twisted or braided together”.  This definition matches what I want to refer to as Rope Style Marketing. 

There are more recognized terms like Cross-Marketing where 2 like-minded companies work together to the mutual benefit of both companies.   This is a great way to market and is one of my favorite tools I have used to market my new website.   It does lack a critical component that is needed for it to be considered Rope Style Marketing.

Rope Style Marketing to me is the idea of braiding together a large number of common themed or related business into a single network or website.  This Rope Style Marketing Network has each member invite their social media followers to check out the new marketing website where all businesses are listed.  This would become an exponentially fueled new network.   

This concept has a major Achilles heel it only works if everyone contributes and markets the idea.   Most businesses are busy trying to keep what market share they have and might not feel they have time or interest in a new form of marketing.    Several might think that investing in marketing that does not directly support their brand is pointless at best or futile in nature.

What would happen if you tried?  Imagine embracing this new concept of Rope Style Marketing.   You take a minute to review how your company could join this network to the mutual benefit of all involved.   You set up a membership and invite your social media followers to check out the new website or network.   When you send out newsletter you refer to the network.  You have a link from your website to the new network.   OK now what happens?

If you are the only one that drank the cool-aid then nothing good is coming.   What if several others joined and brought their followers with them.   Your 10,000 followers join their 10,000 followers and soon this new network has 100k to 1 million followers that will also see your company on this new network.   Your small initial investment now pays you back with huge brand awareness and most likely financial gains as well.

What does this Business plan look like to those in the Firearms Industry?   It is called Conceal & Carry Network.   The concept is new and unproven but it is built on a sound Marketing approach.    We are much stronger if we stand together and help each other grow.  Our motto is “We will succeed by helping our members succeed first!”

Join us today you will be glad you did.  CLICK HERE to see our short video.

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