SAFE CAMPUS COLORADO pushes for Gun Ban on college campuses.

by Chris Dixon

Imagine that you are a young woman going to college in Colorado where sexual assaults appear to be increasing.   According to SEXUAL ASSULT AWARENESS MONTH  “It is estimated that the percentage of completed or attempted rape victimization among women in higher educational institutions may be between 20% and 25% over the course of a college career.”    This means that at least 1 woman in 5 will become a victim of a sexual assault.    As a father of a 17 year old daughter these numbers scare me.   It is obvious from these reports that our daughters are not safe at college.    Most people at this point would probably agree with me that we need to arm and train our young ladies to defend themselves.

If you live in Colorado there is a foundation called SAFE CAMPUS COLORADO that is actively trying to get firearms banned from all state campuses.   Ken Toltz, founder of this gun-control group is collecting signatures all over the state to add a ballot measure so they can get a vote later this fall to ban firearms on college campuses.   Their charter is “We believe gun violence prevention is one of the major public safety issues of our time.   We believe that all of Colorado's citizens have the right to live free from the fear and tragic after-effects of gun violence.  We believe concealed guns on Colorado's great university, college and community college campuses threaten the safety of students, faculty, staff and administrators.”     Ken does not want to face the facts that women are getting raped and assaulted.   He also does not seem to understand that criminals will always have guns.

Ken Toltz and his co-chair Heather Coogan  (Link to Bios HERE) are working diligently to effectively make Colorado colleges a very dangerous place to send our daughters for an education.    This is just another example of FEAR and GUN CONTROL versus FACTS and TRUE SAFETY.    

Our country is getting over run by the gun controlling leftist that believes that firearms are the problem and not the criminals that perpetrate the acts of violence.     There are really only 2 clear sides to this argument.  Either we both arm and train our young ladies on campus so they can defend themselves or we just create more victims of sexual assaults.

If you live in Colorado there are several groups that are still fighting to uphold your gun rights and one of them is ROCKY MOUNTAIN GUN OWNERS.    This is not a time for anyone that loves our 2nd Amendment rights to quietly sit on the sidelines and just hope things get better.    Get involved and if you can be sure to financially support these organizations that are fighting for you.

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