Tactical Rifle Shooting: Zero in on Sighting-In and Snapping-In

by Kevin Reese


While my rifle is ready to rock and roll, yours may not be. Maybe yours was recently purchased, your replacing your sights or scope or you haven't shot it in a while. No matter your reason, everyone needs to make sure their rifles are functioning correctly and shooting accurately. The problem is, many recreational shooters out there get lost in the complexities of sighting-in. Let's take a look at some sighting in. . . dumbed down for my own better understanding.

First you'll have to decide what ammunition to use. I discovered early on that with a 16-inch barrel and 1-in-8 twist, 5.56mm ammunition at any weight wasn't going to be optimum. For me, Federal's American Eagle .223-caliber 55-grain ammo was the perfect, hard-hitting, reliable answer. With this factory ammo, I still group exceedingly well at 600 yards. Figure out what works for you and stick with it. Changing ammunition can affect your point of aim and impact.

So, you've found your favorite ammunition, are setup on a bench with a rest (The Caldwell Lead Sled FCX is the best I've used and the only one I've kept over recent years) and have a clean target, right?

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