Saturday (06/13/2015) Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed Open Carry and Campus Carry into Law.   Jan 2016 Open Carry becomes a law and August 2016 Campus Carry becomes a law in Texas.    This pictures gives you a view of the Open Carry Laws of other states.   Texas is now going from RED to GREEN in 2016.

Watch this video from a news station that covered the event.

(CLICK ON video to stop it after viewing)

Texas is moving closer to Constitutional Carry (no state licenses need to carry a handgun) currently only a few states have adopted this.    This animation below shows how our nation has changed since 1986.


Things seem to be headed in the right direction.    The only way we get to keep our constitution as the law of the land is to active get involved fighting to protect these rights.

God Bless Gov. Greg Abbott and GOD BLESS AMERICA!