Our website  (www.concealncarry.net)  launched on June 12th, 2013 and it started as a firearms Industry Directory with over 64,000 listings. Visitors could do a geographic search in their area to find a FFL Dealer, Manufacturer, Firearms Trainer, Firearms Retailer, Shooting Range, and much more. We allow firearms related businesses to simply list their company for FREE with a Silver level business listing or to pay just $100 a year for the premium featured Platinum Level Business Listing.

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There is a huge difference between the FREE listing and the Platinum level as our website averages about 5-50 monthly impressions (views) of a FREE Silver Listing and the Platinum Listing averages 1500-5000 monthly impressions. The Platinum Listing has features which include SEO management, Video sharing capability, and the ability to post around 20 pictures, you can even backlink to your website, and has built-in sharing features for almost all social medias. At the price of 28 cents a day this is super affordable for any business.


The BEST INFO page is a vast library of firearms and 2nd Amendment related topics, videos, news, podcaster, TV Show, Radio Shows and much more. This is our fastest growing section that is continually expanding. It could take you several days to explore everything on this one page.



There are companies in the firearms industry that have invested heavily to create videos that cover safety, product reviews, and other awesome tips. Two of these companies are MidwayUsa and Brownells. I was blessed to have Larry Potterfield of MidwayUSA and Pete Brownell of Brownells each give me permission to share their vast video libraries. There are 100's of videos in each library. These are great for anyone in our industry that wants some quick tips or training.

Today Podcasters are the best source of firearms related news and topics. We have one of the largest libraries of Podcasters on the internet. You will find Kenn Blanchard "Black man with a gun"Jake Challand of Gun Guy RadioJulie Golob and Randi Rogers of Gun Girl RadioMatt Staser of Average OutdoorsmanBob Harvey of the BULLSEYE talk show, and several others on our PODCASTER page. The majority of these pages use RSS feed to keep you updated on the most recent broadcasts and shows.

On 08/28/2014 we upgraded our NEWs Page to a Paper.li auto-updating newsletter. The name of the page is now called "The Spotlight". We are using RSS Feed from many firearms related sources with the largest being AMMOLAND.  This Newsletter will update with new articles twice daily (7am & 7pm CT).   You can subscribe specifically to this newsletter. 

AmmoLand is our primary news source as Fredy Riehl and his team work diligently to keep us all informed of the latest and greatest firearms industry news. We do provide links to other news sites like NRA's ILA, the gun wire, and our own version of the news called "No Guns... Really?" There are so many things happening in our world that can and do affect us and these sources are a great place to check up on what is new and ever changing.

We added a new forum to our website on May 2014. We assigned a shortcut URL www.ccnforum.com for easier connections to the forum. You will find we added features that virtually no other forum has included.

There are sections on our forum called ASK THE EXPERT where we have resident professionals that you can interact with and ask any questions related to their experience. Virtually all other forums you cannot know if the person giving advice is a professional or a con-artist. Good and trusted advice can be very hard to come by....but not on our site. Our page ASK THE EXPERTs currently has 6 people with years of experience and they each have a bio page that shares their credentials. My goal is to have over 100 Experts on board in the next year.

Adding the forum to our site opened up a lot of opportunities for people to connect and interact. It has also given me another way to share information. I have posted over 50 articles of news, events, and topics worth reading. People quickly find that I like to "stir the pot" if you will with topics that are dicey or thought provoking.

Our BLOG page has a large selection of guest written articles and several more that I have posted. Some of our most popular articles are "Has America lost its mind?","Why Bother?", and "SAFE CAMPUS COLORADO pushes for gun ban on college campuses"

In March 2015 we decided to add a BLOGGER LIBRARY to our site.    The internet is full of great sites that share gun information, prepping guide, and conservative political info.   Our goal is to share with you the best ones out there.   Our site offer a very affordable program that will allow anyone to add an article to this page.  Our ARTICLE program cost just $15 a year and is designed to share product info or any other form of advertising that draws attention to your product or service. 

You can like us on FACEBOOK and follow us on TWITTER. If you own a business please check out our ADVERTISING page and the McMillan Merchant Solutions , Delta Payment Systems pages as I also work as a rep for them.   If you own a business you can get great merchant service rates from MMS and DPS and we will aso donat a portion of your fees to support foundations fighting for our 2nd Amendment rights.   email me at Chris.Dixon@mmsllc.com for more info.

I hope this article has sparked your interest and you will start visiting our site and join our forum. Help us get the news out about our unique site by sharing it with all of your friends.

Have a Blessed Day!

Chris DIxon

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