What's in your Emergency Bug Out Bag?

by Bob Harvey

It pays to be prepared so in case of a major emergency like a hurricane, tornado, or worse you are not caught un-prepared. This is the equipment used in South Florida Gun Schools Intro to Swamp Survival 3 day Course.   My Bug-Out-Bag has a solid 3 day plan and minimum equipment.

Add and Subtract as you see fit but here is my list:

  1. Large storage bag or pack-Surplus Military like ALICE Pack
  2. Water or Water purification filter/purification tablets
  3. Food, 3 days of freeze dried ready to eat. Also easy to carry and store foods like granola bars, high energy bars.
  4. Fire essentials- waterproof lighters, flint and steel, bic lighters, kindling, tinder. 35mm film canister of cotton.
  5. Shelter-It can be simple like a solar blanket/small tarp
  6. Well stocked first aid kit/with a basic first aid book. A 30 day supply of your medications.
  7. Flashlights (2) with spare batteries
  8. Emergency radio with spare batteries
  9. 100’ Para chord
  10. 50’ of snare wire
  11. Small spool of fishing line, hooks, bobbers
  12. Pocket knife
  13. Survival knife/ sheath
  14. Sharpening Stone or tool or sticks
  15. quality compass
  16. Maps
  17. Sewing kit
  18. Emergency blankets
  19. 100 mile an hour tape/ duct tape
  20. Safety Pins
  21. Handgun or EDC weapon with holster and sturdy belt/xtra mags
  22. Long gun extra mags and accessories
  23. Minimum of 100 rounds for each
  24. Signal Mirror
  25. Signal flares
  26. Whistle
  27. Chemlights/Glowsticks
  28. Bug spray or repellent
  29. Sunscreen
  30. Brimmed Hat
  31. Combination multi-tool
  32. Folding Shovel/sheath
  33. Wire style tent pegs (10)
  34. 100’ climbing rope
  35. Combat Hatchet/Axe
  36. Rain Gear
  37. Spare change of outdoor clothes, especially socks.....take care of your feet
  38. Emergency hammock
  39. Assorted Ziplock Bags
  40. Assorted Zip Ties
  41. Cash 1-200 bucks small bills
  42. Important papers (also send copies to relatives in other states)

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