When is a good time to get concerned about the direction our country is going?

by Chris Dixon

How many of you are Conservative, Christian, and Pro-Constitution? Have you started to feel like we are becoming the minority?

I love America and it breaks my heart to see how our country is changing and not for the better. Obama's hope and change has made a target of most of us. I have lost count of the number of Conspiracies this administration has perpetrated. I have never been a conspiracy theorist but the following videos will make you scratch your head and wonder if some of the far right leaning conspiracy buffs might have some theories we should at least consider. I pray that nothing here has merit but I still have to wonder what if is does?

Obama Admin Prepares to Disarm America by Western Journalism


Military Police Leak FEMA Gun Confiscation Plan by ALEX JONES

Hoax? Misguided Individuals? Conspiracy Nuts? or is there a possibility they might be on to something? At the very least it does make you go Hum!

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