Why Should Employers offer ID/Credit Protection to their teams?

by Chris Dixon

If your a CEO or Business Owner you spend on average 18% of your income on payroll.   When things get tough payroll is one of the first expenses to get a closer look to make sure your getting the most bang for the buck.

National Statistics confirm that 1 in 5 American are effected by ID and Credit Card fraud.    Research also shows that it takes from 7 to 1200 hours over 6-12 months to repair a persons credit after one of these attacks happen.    When do you think these people are on the phone calling about this problem?    While at work is the most common answer.

How does that affect their productivity levels at work?    How does it affect their moral?   Does this lead to other issues at work?    Of course it does, we all are human and this negatively effects anyone in this situation.

There is a solution and it doesn't even have to cost your business a dime!    This solution will likely increase production, moral, and company loyalty.

What companies offer this service and who do I choose?   

This chart will help you compare the major credit and ID protection program on the market.

IDShield is clearly the best option when you compare price versus services.   Watch this video to learn more of how this program works.


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