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Kevin Dearman
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I'm on the site right now learning how to fill out the FFL paperwork. Rejected first time because the lady at the zoning office said she would reject my app. East baton Rouge Parish does NOT obide by the states mandates, and the OTHER lady at ATF , basically backed her up. But would put me at the front of the line, if I could find a location that was commerically zoned. no one wants to rent space to a person selling guns, even in a commercially zoned district. Other than that, you ARE THE MAN, Brandon. Saw your video on Red Jacket Firearms, Sons Of Guns. The 20 Mike Mike gun fit nicely on the sidecar. It was their last show. You were their last customer. Keep up the good work. Maybe if I study the guides a bit closer, I can figure out how to get my zoning ladies through menopause. Great job, though. I know the other customers got their paper through, with a breeze, following your advice. five stars, my friend.

November 2016

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